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  • Artemide - REALL floor lighting

    REALL Floor

    Visual lightness and thermodynamics are the main characteristics of the project: the head is appropriately shaped and perforated to form a permeable visual interface for the space where it is placed. It additionally facilitates heat exchange, guaranteeing optimum dissipation of the heat produced by the light source. [sf_button colour="accent" type="stroke-to-fill" size="standard" link="#more_info" target="_self" icon="fa-file-pdf-o" dropshadow="no" extraclass="smooth-scroll-link"]MORE INFO[/sf_button] [sf_button colour="accent" type="stroke-to-fill" size="standard" link="" target="_blank" icon="fa-file-pdf-o" dropshadow="no" extraclass="smooth-scroll-link"]BROCHURE[/sf_button]